The 3 Angels’ Message

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If you love Jesus and worship God on Sunday as the Lord’s Day, you really need to read this page right now because…

You Aren’t Worshiping God The Way He Wants to be Worshiped

Christians have turned their back on God’s 4th commandment to keep the 7th day holy. Instead, the 1st day of the week has been embraced as the Lord’s day.

Who or what has brought about this centuries-old, man-made tradition that opposes God’s will?

The Three Angels’ Message

is the book that reveals the answer; the truth that’s been hidden in plain sight by Satan for almost 2,000 Years!

“I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”

Satan’s amazing claim has come true. By manipulating mankind’s sinful tendencies toward racism, political lust for power, and self-righteousness, key figures in the early church unknowingly helped Satan achieve his masterpiece of deception— the counterfeiting of God’s holy Sabbath

The result: Satan has diverted the worship of most of God’s people to himself!

Proof That Satan Has A Christian Church

This isn’t speculation. The book’s scripture and historical documentation verify its existence.

Public quotes are cited in the writings of this so-called Christian church that’s responsible for thinking to change God’s times and laws – changes that most modern day Christians follow.

Available are printed, public boasts by this church that it had the right to make the changes because it is the Mother of all churches, and because its authority is higher than the Bible!


Dear Reader, I’m Gregory John Monroe, author of The Three Angels’ Message: God’s End-Time Warning. I’ve been a Christian for 10 plus years. Having served my church as a deacon, and continuing as a prayer warrior, I’m now a self-proclaimed lay evangelist under the ordination of God’s word that says that all believers have been given a ministry of reconciliation (II Cor. 5: 18, 19).

The Three Angels Message is God testing His people, as ancient Israel was tested, to see if they will keep His commandments. I pray that this book will cause my fellow Christians to stop and really think about what they are doing by rejecting God’s 4th commandment that says the 7th day of the week (Saturday) is the Sabbath—the Lord’s Day. Also it is hoped that by revealing the earthly, satanic beast
power that for almost two millennium has tricked most of Christianity into believing the 1st day (Sunday) is blessed and sanctified, the truth will be appreciated and accepted. For ultimately, the book is a solemn
reminder and warning that to break any one of God’s Ten Commandments, including the 4th one, is to break them all; an action that constitutes committing a sin against God!”


Hidden Truths Uncovered

  • the real reason for having Christians hold the first day of the week in higher regard than God’s seventh-day Sabbath
  • the professed christian institution (aka the beast, of “mark of the beast” infamy) that was called by church fathers, “the synagogue of Satan.” It exists today!
  • Antichrist lives now, and has inadvertently revealed himself through proud, boastful, public statements
    the efforts of Christians to combine church and state; efforts that would bring about a forced national worship day, and eventually a one world religion
  • God’s true remnant church

If you’re one of the deceived, this book may bring you to tears

It’ll certainly anger you, having trusted leaders who should know better

Because you love Jesus, though, you can handle the truth

Do not be deprived of this hidden knowledge any longer

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