Poetic (#39)

Today’s guest, M. S. Lowndes, submits this poem — relating to the healing work of God’s Word.    The Word of Truth   Lord, your word is full of power, Penetrating the deepest parts, Exposing and analysing our every thought … Continue reading

Poetic (#38)

, My guest, M. S. Lowndes, expresses the importance of having godly integrity       Living With Integrity      No matter what we do in life, We need to show we stand As men and women who trust … Continue reading

Poetic (#37)

This plea to God by guest writer Mark Doyle is a familiar one, or should be, in the heart of every Christian.        There is Nothing Beyond Your Reach by Mark Doyle   There is nothing beyond your … Continue reading

Poetic (#36)

Upon reaching the golden shore, stormy weather becomes a thing of the past; so my guest encourages us to continue the journey.    Sail On, O Christian Comrade by Margaret Cagle   Sail on, O Christian comrade true. Sail on … Continue reading

Poetic (#33)

This poem by guest M. S. Lowndes illuminates the need to rely on God’s guidance.         Godly Wisdom For Our Decisions When we’re facing a decision And we’re feeling so unsure, We need to pray for godly … Continue reading

Poetic (#32)

A poem focusing on the permanency of true love; written by guest writer M. S. Lowndes.           Love Stays; Feelings Fade  We often don’t feel Love each and every day, Just the same it’s there And … Continue reading

Poetic (#31)

Guest writer, Deborah Ann Belka, gives us this inspirational, encouraging poem.                           God Moves Mountains by Deborah Ann Belka      You can move that mountain, you can … Continue reading

Poetic (#29)

My guest, M. S. Lowndes, expresses the necessity, sweetness, and value of having God’s compassion in the heart.   Motivated From The Heart   We can do all the right things And be eloquent in what we say, But if … Continue reading

Poetic (#28)

This poem by guest writer, M. S. Lowndes, speaks to taking the fragrance of God’s grace everywhere we go.    The Fragrance Of Grace   We are your children, Lord, Saved by your precious grace And walking in your victory, … Continue reading

Poetic (#27)

Poet and guest, M. S. Lowndes, writes about trusting God with everything we face in life.   Do You Trust Me?   Do you trust me When things aren’t going right, When life deals some painful blows, When finances are … Continue reading

Poetic (#26)

Guest poet, Debra Ann Belka, writes about what it means to take up the cross. It’s A Daily Thing   It’s a daily thing, this taking up my cross it’s about eternal gain not worldly loss.   It’s an hourly … Continue reading

Poetic (#25)

This poem, written by guest, M. S. Lowndes, is about facing our rejections with faith in God, seeing them as new opportunities elsewhere. When We Face Rejections Though we often face in life, Rejections of every kind, We need to … Continue reading

Poetic (#22)

Here’s a poem by guest writer, M.S.Lowndes. It speaks of how God sees us and loves us.       You Are Worthy Don’t see yourself as insignificant, Not worthy to come before God, Fearing the stains are too deep … Continue reading

Poetic (#20)

A clear conscious produces a pure heart. That’s the theme of today’s guest writer, Deborah Ann Belka.     A Pure Heart by Deborah Ann Belka     Lord, create in me a pure heart, a conscience that is clear … Continue reading