A dear friend, Beverly Barnette, passed away this week. But the impact of her spirit on the lives of others will never go away. I say this with certainty after listening to those reviewing her life at her funeral. I … Continue reading


I read about a woman whose husband is in a coma. He’s not in a hospital. He’s not in a nursing home. He is at home. He has been there for six months and, along with a visiting nurse, the … Continue reading

God Personified

In my last post, Vain Repetitions, I made the point that God is a person. It brought back memories that led to that personal discovery. I had enrolled in a local Christian college located in an office building. It was … Continue reading

Blessed Fruit

I appreciate You O Lord for blessing me with the mindset that I don’t want to be engaged in the thinking of this world. I certainly don’t want to be its friend. That would automatically pit me against You. The … Continue reading

Easy Sex

Sex can be had at any time. I saw it being made available during the six years I drove a taxi. The sex givers, though not for free, were women on the street. Then there is television and the movie … Continue reading

I Hate Life

Man, I tell you. I’ve put off writing this for a while because of the title. I thought about changing it, but compulsion won’t let me. And you got to admit, it does get your attention. That’s what a good … Continue reading


Sometimes I get annoyed with beggars, and then I get annoyed at being annoyed. When approached by a beggar, most of the time I’m able to surrender to Jesus’ feelings and can feel His compassion for them. And upon giving, … Continue reading

Not From This World

I know that I’m blessed to be an American. Yet I’m bothered by that when I’m focused on nationality, and when my worldview comes from that perspective. It’s like I’m cheating on my faith, because faith to me is acting … Continue reading

The Bible Lady

She, this black woman, walked along a major road in her community. On her head was a straw, wide-brim hat. On top of the hat was attached an umbrella with a little less than a half-foot handle. She wore multi-colored … Continue reading