Jesus’ Birth Place

Concerning the location of Jesus’ birth, the Bible clearly says that it was in Bethlehem. It also says that because the inn in Bethlehem was full, Jesus wound up being born in a manger. Though the Bible doesn’t specifically mention … Continue reading

Jesus Came In Our Flesh

There are many who deny that Jesus was born in our sinful flesh. This is believed because God is perfect, His divinity sinless. Consequently, He could only be joined with sinless humanity. This belief is what led to the doctrine … Continue reading

Only God is Good

The divine nature of Jesus wasn’t explicit most of the time. It was cloaked and controlled by His humanity. Aside from His miracles, most of His actions often came across as the actions of a lot of other humans. Jesus … Continue reading

The Life

As the Eternal Life, all things come from Him, through Him, and to Him. Indeed, it is His Life that has brought us into being. We are animated by His breath, first breathed into Adam. The Life, having lived our … Continue reading


Jesus is Eternal Life. He is ultimate Love, Truth and Wisdom. He is the personification of Righteousness. These beautiful descriptors of Jesus, I – like all of God’s children – am in awe of; overwhelmed by the reality that they … Continue reading

Freedom in Jesus

Being a sinner, I am declared guilty by God’s Law. Being guilty, the Law condemns me. Being condemned, the Law sentences me to death. However, because of Jesus, I have been released from sin’s guilt, condemnation, and penalty of death. … Continue reading