Does God Feel Pain?

Imagine you – not a thing but a divine person – bringing into existence a cosmos that will eventually be perfectly free of wrong-doing, disease and death; and within that cosmos a race of beings – humanity – that will … Continue reading

Why Won’t God Help?

If you’re a Christian who is feeling hurt right now for whatever reason, please remember that just such a situation is an occasion for the enemy to make a move against you. Satan and his minions will seek to gain … Continue reading

7 is Significant to God

Many times I’ve heard preachers preach about the number 7. Though they were of differing denominations, they all agreed that when cited in the Bible, the number is of divine importance. Oftentimes, to illustrate the number’s significance, the preachers mention … Continue reading

Acceptable Sacrifice

Why does God say that He desires for us to have mercy and intimate knowledge of Him rather than for us to make sacrifices of burnt offerings (Hosea 6: 6)? He said it because sacrificing from the heart trumps sacrificial … Continue reading

Love’s Only Purpose

Love has one motive: the interests of others. Concern for the interests of others is of a godly nature. That’s because God is love. He cares about all others, and acts accordingly. In early eternity, He demonstrated the performance of … Continue reading

The Mystery of God

Before this world’s beginning, God had a plan for it. Throughout the course of Old Testament history, some details of that plan were released to the Jews. Released was enough to help them know the existence of God; that He … Continue reading

The Chosen Ones

Many are called, but few are chosen. Matthew 22: 14 In the Parable of the Wedding Feast (Matthew 22: 1-14), a guy, excited by the king’s invitation to come to the feast, shows up. But he’s not allowed to stay … Continue reading

Remember Our Sins No More

As Christians, all our sins – past, present, future – have been transferred to Jesus, and remembered no more. We understand how the transference works, having been shown the working principle through the earthly sanctuary’s animal sacrificial system. But does … Continue reading

God Rested

I’m guessing that most Christians know that when the Bible says God rested on the seventh day of creation week, it doesn’t mean that He was tired. This writing, then, is primarily directed at those who don’t know and for … Continue reading

God Will Make You Rich

There are those who would have us believe that Christianity is all about receiving earthly, material wealth from God. The abundant spiritual life is that of monetary riches, they shout. But like Satan’s lies mixed with truth, this claim doesn’t … Continue reading

Dust of the Earth

Divine Words, the fabric of which is infinite power, were spoken and creation began—the earth’s land, water, sun, plant life, animal life, etc. Over and over we read in Genesis, “God spoke.” All life as we know it came into … Continue reading

God’s Work is Harder

Sinning, no matter the degree, is like breathing, eating, and drinking. It must be. Look around the world. Everywhere, every day, every minute, statistics tells us that sin is committed. Why is that so when righteous purity and cleanliness are … Continue reading